A little while back my sister sent me a Facebook message with photo of what resembled a skateboard swing with a note that read “You should build this for your girls.”

I took one look at the photo and could immediately see how much more fun that could be than the swing we currently had hanging from an old tree in our yard.

So I took the trucks and wheels of my skateboard that had been sitting collecting dust in the garage. I used some rope I found and in about 3 hours I had built the first Sk8Swing.

I got the ladder out and hung it to test it out. My kids watched patiently as I tried it out.

I quickly realized the rope and old board were not safe. The rope was stretching and the board was flexing pretty good. So much to my kids dismay I took it down.

The next day I went to my local skate shop and bought a new board. I then researched ropes and learned quickly everything I never wanted to know about rope.

There were ratings for rope regarding how much weight it could hold. There was “rot” & “mildew” resistant rope and several other key things I had not thought about when I hung the first swing. So with this knowledge in hand I set out to my local hardware store only to be dissapointed that they did not have a good enough quality rope that I trusted my kids lives with.

I quickly ruled out using a chain as it just didnt seem right and potentially dangerous.

So I went shopping online and found a great rope that was capable of holding an elephant, it was also rot & mildew resistant.

Four days later the rope arrived and I eagerly built my 2nd skateboard swing. This time around it only took me about 90 minutes to build & hang.

Again I tested it as my kids looked on and it worked! I got the swing going really high and was more than comfortable that it would be safe for the kids. My kids jumped on and for the next several hours they fought for a turn. It was great!

But the more I looked at them and used it myself – I realized I had drilled the holes to close together in width and it did not allow you to spread your legs far enough to feel comfortable. You really felt off balance the majority of the time.

So the next day I went and picked up another board and this time thought long and hard about exactly where to drill the holes that the rope would go through. And I am happy to report that the new placement of the holes on the skateboard swing allowed you to spread your feet out on the board to a point that you felt totally comfortable. No longer did you feel off-balance or that you were going to fall off.

That weekend we had a birthday party for our then 4 year old. For the party we had a petting zoo, jumpy house & pony rides for the kids. And the skateboard swing was BY FAR the most popular thing at the party.

I think there was a line of kids the entire length of the party who wanted to use the swing. We had kids as young  2 years old that day enjoying it… The adults were even lining up to give it a try!

many of the parents commented “how cool” it was and several asked me if I could build them a swing.  And I did just that and again their friends started asking where they got it and you can imagine how the rest goes.

So that is how you got to this page. All from a simple facebook message with a photo –  a small family company in Santa Barbara was born.

It truly is a family affair. Our daughters happily assist my wife and I in building the swings.

So from our family to yours comes the coolest piece of playground equipment in 50 years! We hope you enjoy your skateboard swing!

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